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From the ME

Celebrating 25 years of innovation

After an extremely turbulent and tough 2017 for South Africa both politically and economically, we look forward to a positive 2018.

Change is of course the only constant and 2018 will see MediSwitch continuing to examine our business, product offering and service levels to ensure we remain the “trusted claim in healthcare”. This year, MediSwitch is celebrating 25 years of existence. As an organisation we have a rich heritage of innovation and service, and it is incumbent on us to not only maintain what has gone before, but to continue this tradition of innovation and excellent customer service for the next 25 years. So, while we will take time to celebrate the achievement of this significant milestone, you can rest assured that we will continue to challenge ourselves to ensure we stay relevant and continue to provide value to all our customers.

In this newsletter we publish the second part of the practice management article by Dr Richard Darby in which he provides useful insights into approaching the consult, managing billing, and ideas on how to establish an ongoing relationship with the patient.

During January, we successfully ran our first medical receptionist workshops. The idea of the workshops is to provide medical receptionists with the required skills to contribute to the smooth operation of a medical practice. More details about the workshops can be found here.

We have also launched a new online registration system which removes the need to fill in paper based forms. An online electronic Remittance Advice (eRA) application form is now also available on WEBDesk. This is all part of our ongoing drive to improve our administrative processes and digitise customer interactions. More on this as the year progresses.

All the best for 2018. ‘Till next time.

- Andrew
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